Take a Virtual Tour

Say hello to our community’s virtual tour feature!   Take a stroll through Spring Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care from the comfort of your home (or car, or doctor’s office, or your favorite restaurant!).  You will notice that take pride in our space; we value hygiene, safety, wellness and aesthetically beautiful settings. We love our community library, the welcoming lighting in our dining room and the communal layout of our front entrance room.  See for yourself why so many choose to call Spring Ridge home!

Adapting to Change

Technology continues to progress, with every passing day!  But technology isn’t the only change we’ve seen.  Spring of 2020 was when the world as we know it changed significantly.  COVID-19 entered the picture and continue to persist. Visit our COVID-19 response page to see how we have adjusted to this global pandemic.  Learning how to adapt to an ever changing environment means adopting new strategies.  We found our Virtual Tour feature a necessary tool to help connect us to seniors and their families during times where meeting in-person was restricted.  Making difficult decisions, sight unseen, didn’t feel good to us.  Yes, our facility offers a secure space where health and safety of our residents and staff are our top priority. But it’s best when you can see it for yourself.  We would love to set up a visit and schedule an in-person tour to show you the things that are not captured by a virtual tour (like our wonderful care team!).  In the meantime, take a peek for yourself.  We hope to see you in Tacoma real soon!