Take a Virtual Tour of Spring Ridge!

Take a stroll through Spring Ridge from the comfort of your home– or car, or doctor’s office, or your favorite restaurant!  We take pride in our space. Some of our greatest values include hygiene, safety, wellness and aesthetically beautiful settings. If you need to see it to believe, well, we understand.  Our virtual tour option offers an awesome overview of our facility.  Otherwise, we hope to see you in Tacoma real soon!

Since 2020, the world as we know it has changed.  Adapting to each wave of change  is something we have taken in stride.  Feel free to visit our COVID response page to see how we have addressed the global challenge that has impacted society at large.  We’ve employed new strategies, we’ve adjusted, and we’ve grown as a community. As we have discovered, life doesn’t stop due to a pandemic (even if it sort of feels that way).  It is important to us to remain connected with families who are looking for the services we provide.  We would love to set up an in-person visit to show you the things that are not captured by our virtual tour of Spring Ridge (like our wonderful care team, for instance). In the meantime, take a tour for yourself. If you’d like, you can also set up an appointment with our marketing team who can lead you through a virtual tour, remotely.  Asking questions, sharing ideas and getting to know one another has never been easier!  

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