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Testimonial shared by Vicki Crawford

I wanted to personally say thank you to each of you who helped care for my beloved sister. I know she was not always the most cooperative resident and could often times be a challenge.  Thank you for taking on that challenge and working through it. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to not just care for her needs but to take the time to talk with her and help her when she needed that connection the most.

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Testimonial shared by Gregg Moore

I wanted to let you and all your staff know how thankful I am to Spring Ridge.  My Mom, Jann Williams, could be and often enough was a handful. At every turn your staff stepped up with an idea or solution no matter the cause.  At the end of my Mother’s life I was allowed to spend more time with her. This made all the difference in saying goodbye.  Please post this for your staff to see. Thank you is not said enough.

Testimonial shared by Dave Homgren

We have only great things to say about the wonderful home Spring Ridge has provided for Mom. She has been there for 4yrs and has friend and fun that she would have never had if she had stayed at home.
The care has been great, there has been bumps but that’s to be expected. They have always put Mom’s care as #1 they talk with us on anything that is happening with mom we work together with them for best out come. The smaller environment means more eye’s on and more of a family feel.

Thank you to all of the staff.

Testimonial shared by Jim Zylstra

I have been living at Spring Ridge for almost three years.  I seriously doubt that you can find an assisted living facility that is safer, better managed and/or has more caring staff.

Testimonial shared by Barbara Egan

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I want to thank everyone at your facility for all the effort and dedication given to all the residents on a daily basis.  I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism I see when I visit my friend Bea Murphy (memory care) every week……..  Thank you again for all the countless ways all of you take care of our friends and family members 



Testimonial shared by Mavis’ Daughter Roberta

Nine years ago my mother moved into Spring Ridge Retirement. This move was for the purpose of establishing a comfortable and healthy environment for her. She had been very uncomfortable in the environment she was in at the time and needed to be in a location that made her feel at home and help lift her spirits. She had no sense of hope for her future at this time.
After being at Spring Ridge for just a few weeks I began to see changes in my mom that I hadn’t seen in many years. She began attending exercise classes, taking part in social activities, making new friends, and even started going on field outings outside the facility (this was a dramatic change). Her comfort zone had done a complete about face. She became the Secretary of Birthdays (purchasing all the birthday cards for residents), started leading exercise classes, giving Bible Studies, and helped residents with their pets (combing their fur, petting them, and giving them lots of love) when they were unable to.
Throughout the years the staff has changed, but the care that my mom has continued to receive has not faltered, still just as wonderful. This last year was really a tough one for mom, health wise, but with the help and care of everyone at Spring Ridge she is doing much better. I am so grateful for all the staff that has been there for her and been such a great help in her transformation over the years, bless you all…

Testimonial shared by Mark Williams

My mother has been living at Spring Ridge for 2 years now and she has received wonderful care. When we first moved her to Spring Ridge me and my family were very scared for how she would be taken care of. Within the first month mom had adapted very well in her new room and all of our worries went away. The quality of care mom has received is way more than we ever imagined. I would recommend Spring Ridge to anyone that is looking to place their loved one.

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